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All rights reserved. The Lendbreen ice patch in Norway, pictured here in , is melting, revealing horse dung left by travellers who crossed the area centuries ago. It started with an 1,year-old shirt. As the rest of the team packed up the precious find, he and another archaeologist wandered away from the group, tracing the edge of the melting ice shrouded in mountain fog. Broken sleds, tools, and other traces of daily life going back nearly 2, years lay strewn across the surface of the Lendbreen ice patch, which was melting rapidly due to global warming. Now, research published today in the journal Antiquity documents what came next—the discovery of more than 1, artifacts literally frozen in time. Dating from around to A.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is ready to apply Ubisoft’s tried and tested historical adventure formula to Vikings. Even more exciting, it will be one of the new titles for next-generation machines when it’s released in November In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla you’ll play as hero Eivor – male or female, your choice – and take your longships and fellow Vikings across the sea to England, where you’ll build settlements and share your ax skills with the locals.

So you want to date a Viking? Scandinavians have highest life expectancies in the world and fertility rates among European countries second only to Ireland.

The tale of simple farmer turned fearless warrior, Ragnar Lothbrok and his clan has almost come to an end. Since , viewers have enjoyed watching beardy men batter each other with battleaxes in the hit television series Vikings. Following on from their adventures in past seasons, the Vikings will continue venturing further from home in pursuit of more places to raid or trade with in season six.

While he gave no clue as to what that might be, there have been suggestions that Ragnar himself may be in for a shocking return to the series. With the Vikings travelling to Russia for season six, they are set to cross path with the Rus Vikings of the Black and Baltic seas, led by Oleg of Novgorod, played by Russian actor and filmmaker Danila Valeryevich Kozlovsky. Lucy Martin, mostly known from her role in Riviera, will join as a character named Ingrid who is rumoured to be a love interest for Bjorn, although this has not been confirmed.

He and Prince Oleg bond with the Prince, promising to raise an army with which they can reclaim Kattegat. Before he can do that, though, Ivar must secure his own position, which he does by poisoning his own brother and kidnapping his son, the true heir to the Rus throne. Lagertha has turned her back on her warrior ways and is looking for a quiet place to farm, though she is still haunted by visions of Ragnar.

King Harald has been captured by King Olaf and has appealed to Bjorn to rescue him, which he agrees to do after much soul-searching.

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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. From the remains of five Viking ships in Denmark to the excavation of an ancient rubbish dump in Westray, uncover the finds that have revealed an enormous amount about Viking life. The haul included ninth-century coins and some small lead weights typical of those used by Viking traders. Evidence for the Vikings in Wales is sparse, but a hoard of five exquisite silver arm rings had also been found on Anglesey. The island itself has Scandianvian connections, probably deriving its name, Onguls-ey, from a Viking leader.

Based on this evidence, Mark instigated a geophysical survey of the site where these objects had been found, and discovered a hidden trench.

On the seventh anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, the Viking 1 lander, an unmanned U.S. planetary Viking 1 was launched on August 20, , and arrived at Mars on June 19, Original Published Date a Denver suburb, killing 12 people—the youngest a 6-year-old girl—and injuring at least 70 others.

By Erik Pedersen. Check it out above along with the key at below. The episode sixth and final season will air in two parts, beginning with a two-hour premiere at 9 p. Wednesday, December 4, followed by eight episodes bowing at 10 p. The remaining 10 episodes of Season 6 are slated to air in Season 6 returns following the battle between brothers which has left Bjorn Ironside Alexander Ludwig victorious and a hero to the people who have been under the tyrannical rule of Ivar for so long.

He meets his match in Prince Oleg Danila Kozlovsky , a ruthless and unpredictable Russian ruler, who shocks even Ivar with his merciless actions. While Lagertha Katheryn Winnick has her own agenda — to live a quieter and less public life on her own farm, but new dangers lurk close to home. Subscribe to Deadline Breaking News Alerts and keep your inbox happy.

The Vikings: A Memorable Visit to America

Change Language. English UK. I am a man interested in women I am a woman interested in men I am a man interested in men I am a woman interested in women.

Like all Scandinavian women, Norwegian girls are regarded worldwide by men for by farmers as the population moved inward, and later still by the Vikings. Many Norwegian women prefer casual online dating as it allows them to focus on​.

Heroic Scandinavian women standing shoulder to shoulder with ranks of masculine warriors in Viking combat are the stuff of legends , but debate has raged over the years on whether it’s also the stuff of reality. A new discovery has confirmed that in at least one specific case, remains found buried in a warrior’s grave were genetically female, supporting the view that the mythical ‘ shield-maiden ‘ female fighters might have its roots in actual historical events.

Excavated and mapped well over a century ago, it was found to contain an axe, sword, spear, armour-piercing arrows, a battle knife, a pair of shields, pieces for a table-top war game, and the bones of a mare and a stallion. Illustration by Evald Hansen based on the original plan by excavator Hjalmar Stolpe Based on these goods, and the fact most such high ranking warriors of the period were considered to be men, the skeleton was readily assumed to belong to a male.

But the bones didn’t seem all that masculine, and a full osteological inspection of Bj ‘s skeleton suggested the esteemed official was in fact a woman of at least 30 years in age. The size and shapes of bones can provide a strong suggestion on the specific sex of a set of remains, but variation within sexes and between populations means it’s not without its problems. DNA can provide a more solid grounding for a conclusion, when it can be successfully extracted.

In this case, the researchers amplified DNA taken from one of the Birka warrior’s teeth and arm bones and determined there was sufficient genetic data to conclude it was of only X chromosome origin, without any sign of DNA from a Y chromosome. An evaluation of the isotopes in her bones showed she was well travelled, adding further evidence to her being a respected leader among her people. Ancient Scandinavian legends, or sagas as they’re often called, often contain depictions of female fighters.

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Norway is an alluring land made of glacier topped mountains, crisp lakes, rivers, and famous fjords. The only thing more captivating than the country itself, are Norwegians themselves. Like all Scandinavian women, Norwegian girls are regarded worldwide by men for their looks. They flaunt the same striking blue eyes, blonde hair, and lofty stature, yet many consider Norwegians in particular to be the most physically striking of all Nordic descendants.

This could be due to their unique diet or activity level, but it is more likely owing to the strong but delicate and mysterious disposition these women have. A mere 10, years ago, the glaciers began to melt and recede.

Assassins Creed Valhalla release date: November ; Platforms: Xbox “​Sagas and myths from Norse society are full of tough female.

But with all of her songs about romance, heartbreak, and sex, people can’t help but wonder what’s going on in the year-old’s love life. In ” Truth Hurts ,” the songstress even references a “new man on the Minnesota Vikings” in the chorus, and at a May concert, Lizzo disclosed that the mystery boyfriend who inspired the song was from her hometown of Detroit.

Most of the time, Lizzo is pretty tight-lipped about her dating life, and as far as we know, she’s not currently seeing anyone from the Vikings and she’s definitely not seeing that guy from Detroit anymore. She’s not shy when it comes to flirting with celebrity hotties, however. After Chris Evans shared a video of a little girl dancing to Lizzo’s “Juice,” she tweeted him , “Wow marry me. In an interview with Busy Philipps for E! During the same interview, Philipps asked Lizzo about the sparks flying between the singer and Trevor Noah during her appearance on The Daily Show earlier that month, and Lizzo replied, “He’s playing hard to get, but I’mma get you, Trevor.

In a interview with Teen Vogue , Lizzo explained that her attraction isn’t limited to men. She even told Philipps that she was currently crushing on both Barack and Michelle Obama , but seeing as they’re both very much spoken for, she’ll probably have to look elsewhere. Right now, her priority seems to be loving herself rather than seeking validation.

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Vikings in popular culture are often viewed as the brutes of the Dark Ages, robbing, raping and pillaging people and goods. However, an analysis of their personal lives shows a much different side. Family life was important to Norse men, and every proper, upstanding Viking aimed to marry and have children. And although their parents arranged their marriages, Norsemen liked to court their ladies- and made a special effort to impress with their appearance.

In fact, Norse customs of love, marriage, and sex set a high standard in their time- and some even survive to this day. Here are just eight facts about sex, love, and marriage in the Viking era.

Lost Viking ‘highway’ revealed by melting ice a mystery object until it was identified by a woman who grew up on a farm in the s. Dating from around to A.D., the artifacts tell the story of a mountain pass that.

Det kongelige Nordiske Oldskriftsselskab, Nordisk Forlag Looking for the Evidence. Search this site. Home Home. Research Blog Research Blog. Food Finds in Britain. Food Finds in Britian – Viking. Frankish Clothing. Historic Cook Books. Lamellar Armour.

Human Sacrifice in the Viking Age

First Dates Hotel is back on our screens this week with a brand new series. The TV show ditches corrupt police officers and gangland bosses in favour of Fred Sirieix and his dedicated restaurant crew at Paternoster Chop House as they work tirelessly to ensure that their diners all of whom have been set up on blind dates enjoy their evenings.

With cameras dotted all over the restaurant, the show is aimed squarely at our love of eavesdropping and an insatiable appetite for bad dating tales. However, we have good news for fans everywhere: the spin-off of our favourite dating show, First Dates Hotel , is back on our screens to see us through the remainder of our coronavirus lockdown.

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Some time ago, some friends of mine came to me and asked me to tell them how a Viking wedding was conducted. When I turned to the sagas, they didn’t tell me, either. Thus began the start of a massive research project that has produced the work you are about to read. The study is still not over I am still discovering new information as the number of scholars in the fields of Viking history and Scandinavian womens’ studies increases.

Whenever I discover new information, I either correct or augment my work, so it is as current as I can make it. The long and short to the problem is this: even in sappy modern romance novels, how many times is an entire wedding ceremony actually described? You can discover that brides wear white dresses, often with veils, that there was a groom, a best man, a matron of honor, bride’s maids. You’d find out that the words “I do” and some rings fit into the picture somewhere. But since each and every one of us has seen or heard about weddings, the novelist doesn’t have to include all the details.

Only an ethnographer or an anthropologist is likely to record the type of full details that would enable someone from another time or culture to really understand a modern American wedding. Similarly, the authors of the sagas did not provide complete details, nor did contemporary commentators or historians from other cultures.

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